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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  January 15, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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you'd be hard-pressed to find a republican in washington today. they've all gotten out of town but what they're up to is driving talk in d.c. gop lawmakers making their way to hershey, pennsylvania for a two-day type of soul searching retreat in parts of deep blue california turning red as the rnc convenes its winter meeting in san diego. we'll hear from mitt romney there tomorrow. ahead of the rnc meeting kickoff, a potential game changer. ellering up the convention now in mid-july instead of late august. joining me now nbc congressional correspondent luke rumplt russert at the retreat in hershey and joining us from the rnc winter meeting, luke start with you. everybody wants to talk about
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2016. republican lawmakers have to get 2015 figured out. >> yeah. that little thing calm called governing. right, jose? this retreat is extremely important because they have to mesh out difference on one big issue, immigration. yesterday house republicans passed a bill that went to the right of where a lot of senate republicans want to be on the issue of immigration nep specifically passed an amendment to repeal docka. something that got 26 republican nay votes on that alone. they have to figure what the pathway forward to fund the department of homeland security expiring february 28th as well as make a stand against president obama latest immigration action and order. they're trying to figure that out now. john boehner by passing that bill in the house yesterday put the gop position at least very far to the right of where mitch mcconnell probably wants to be and where surely a lot of the presidential candidates where's casey is, where they want to be
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as they head into a general election. that's the main issue to figure out at this retreat. how to move forward on that. also, we're getting a sense that senate republicans are going to try and tell their house colleagues, look we may have won the senate but things move a lot more slowly here. we can't just put something on the bill and storm it through like on the floor and storm it through like you guys do in the house. understand the predicament we're in. we have to get clue cloture votes, get through a fill la bufrter and things of that nature, basic governance. trying to explain to their more i would say rebellious colleagues, jose. >> and the casey what do you make of the rnc tightening its 2016 schedule? >> well look jose what they're trying to figure out here is all about trying to make this process a better one for the eventual republican nominee explaining the moved up convention and also explains their schedule for the debates we're going to see this fall in the primary. also talking about that here. but you know i've got to tell you, the discussion here at the
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rnc is all about 2016 and at the moment it's focused particularly on mitt romney who sort of dropped this bomb into this gathering of people. many of whom work ford himed for him last time around. i've been talking to those people involved in the campaign and have to say i'm picking up a certain level of ambivalence about whether or not this is something that people could get excited about. i think people were on the verge of starting to sign up with other camps, that helps explain why romney moved when he did, and as quickly as he did, and now they're sort of stuck. many feel loyalty to romney but there are a lot of questions about whether or not he could even get through a nomination process this time around, let alone go on to beat hillary clinton in the general. we're, of course going to hear from romney on friday night. he's going to give a speech on the "uss midway" anchored off the coast here in san diego and the first time we hear directly from him since all of this started. >> casey and luke thank you both for being with me this morning. appreciate your time.
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>> take care my friend. be well. and after the break, more on that breaking news out of coupe ba. actually ousts lyoutside of the united states about cuba. and another woman coming forward with accusations against bill cosby and pope francis arrives in a very windy philippines this morning for a four-day visit and weighed in on the france terror attacks. the details ahead. later on the oscar nominations just announced within the last hour. "birdman," "grand budapest hotel" tied for the most nominations. nine each. talking surprises and snubs when "the rundown" comes back. startup-ny. it's working for new york state. already 55 companies are investing over $98 million dollars and creating over 2100 jobs. from long island to all across upstate new york, more businesses are coming to new york. they are paying no property taxes no corporate taxes no sales taxes. and with over 300 locations, and 3.7 million square feet available, there's a place that's right
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what's in a can of del monte green beans? ( ♪ ) grown in america. picked and packed at the peak of ripeness. with no artificial ingredients. del monte. bursting with life. . back to breaking news the new u.s. cuba and/u.s. travel rules go into effect tomorrow. michelle caruso-cabrera joins me. what do we know? >> reporter: we've looks through
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the new regulations. a lot is similar to what we already heard. significant, first of all what you said goes into effect tomorrow, based on the way i read this jose that means for the first time in many years kuhn cigars once again permitsed in the united states. only $100 worth, but certainly that's going to be significant to a lot of people who are aficionados of those cigars. $100 doesn't buy a lot of them, but back in 2004 they got extremely strict. no more. even for personal consumption. maybe that's the first thing. the other new thing in here a lot more specific about the type of telecom equipment, included software. to those -- experts reading these details, it suggests perhaps they're thinking about taking cuba off the state sponsor terrorist list. remember, there's all kinds of security issues involved with telecom equipment. seen merger deals and scuttles because of security concerns. allows certain things to go into cuba means perhaps thinking about repositioning them on that list. if you're an exile traveling into the country you ask bring
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up to $10,000 in cash. that is new. it's got to be explicitly for humanitarian purposes helping somebody personally start a business. it cannot be helping the scoobcuban government bp in theory visa and mastercard can put credit cards there, remember two sides to this coin jose. just because visa and mastercard are permitted by the united states to go down there does not mean the cuban government wants them there, because the minute you allow that you've got to start complying with a lot of u.s. regulation. finra, you know the patriot act et cetera, anti-money laundering laws. we have to see if the cuban government is willing to open up the books of the banks to allow that to happen nap would be a significant milestone. >> and you bring up a very important point. that this is what the u.s. government is saying it wants to do for cuba. >> exactly. >> cuba has been for 56 years wanting to be removed from the terrorism list that the state
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department puts out every year. but then the issue of also not just credit cards, for example, software and communications. the cuban government la to accept an opening up of telecommunications and internet access. >> exactly. i think when people first heard all the news they had mistakenly thought, oh, all the embargo stoched all this stuff from going down there. not necessarily the case. it's very much the cuban government could have bought telly com equipment from a lot of other companies in the world. not just u.s. company, but they haven't, because we know that there's only you know 3 million internet accounts down there on an island of 11 million people. >> michelle, reading also one of the things i think is significant. u.s. owned or controlled entities. banks authorized to provide goods and services to a cuban national located outside of cuba for transactions. that is significant as well? >> it is. it's going to provide the ability -- mostly european banks
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take advantage allowing a lot more financing to happen. the core issue, jose. the embargo act prevents indirect financing of the cuban government. that is very explicit that's the spirit. what will happen we'll see in congress going through these things saying, wait a minute. does that in any way somehow bring money to the cuban government? remember every time you send money the cuban government takes a chunk for themselves. that's indirect financing of the cuban government. the white house will face potentially some battle on in some of these things. >> and finally, michelle this does not mean americans are able to go to cuba as tourists that is codified under lawacy well? >> no. can't just hop on plane tomorrow. if you fit certain categories. humanitarian reasons, religious reasons, et cetera. you have family there, some business arrangement you're working out, those are now going to be much easier to do. there's going to be a lot less paperwork, but wholesale, let's go to the beach three days? not going to happen. >> there are 12 specified
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reasons to go into kabbacobb cuba. alan gross went in before he got caught and spent five years in jail in cuba. thank you so much, michelle caruso ka brab-cabrera for being with us. and senior officials out. the first major move since a string of high-profile security lapses. heading to the white house for the latest on that. and champaign and hugs for two men who climbed their way into the record books. becoming the first to ever free climb el capitan in yosemite national park. more on their historic climb, next. ♪ ah, push it. ♪ ♪ ♪ push it. ♪ ♪ p...push it real good! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ow! ♪ ♪ oooh baby baby. ♪ if you're salt-n-pepa, you tell people to push it. ♪ push it real good. ♪ it's what you do.
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♪ ♪ with the incredible fuel efficiency of 38 mpg highway... ♪ can feel like royalty in the nissan altima. ♪ now get great offers on the 38 mpg highway nissan altima. nissan, innovation that excites. there are reports that paris terror investigation is now leading to madrid. whether kosher supermarket killer amedy coulibaly had a support cell in the spanish
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capital. madrid is one of the many dots french and u.s. intelligence are trying to connect as they try to prevent future terrorist attacks. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is following the terror trail starting with al qaeda in yemen's claim it was behind the attack on "charlie hebdo." >> reporter: ordered by ayman al sa waurie osama bin laden's sishgsz on al wa laucky suggesting the brothers got automatic weapons from this man who purchased them from a belgium arms dealer now turned himself in to police. coulibaly also bought the two machine guns he used to attack the kosher market. his suspected accomplice hayat boumeddiene left before the attacks and came here to istanbul before disappearing
6:31 am
into syria. and i'm joined now by ambassador mark ginsburg a former white house middle east policy adviser. good to see you. >> good to see you. good morning, jose. >> start with the latest development out of madrid. what would the significance be if coulibaly got support there? >> indeed significant, because after all, since the horrific madrid attacks that happened in the early 2003 against the madrid train station, as you indicated, al qaeda's franchises in north africa al qaeda in the maghreb harks been known to have ties both into spain and to italy. the fact of the matter is spanish authorities, because i'm well familiar with this neck of the woods having been ambassador, i'm well aware there had been attacks in morocco seven or eight years ago that emigrated from al qaeda and maghreb and many go back to madrid.
6:32 am
we're once again, jose seeing tentacles of al qaeda from europe into the maghreb, into yemen, where yemen now is becoming ground zero for the next big failed state for k al qaeda to take over. >> and morocco dealt efficiently and effectively with that terrorist theft in that country. in spain, it seems as though the cells could still be there, because of the influence, but i want to bring you, ambassador to the situation in yemen. just a few years ago we hearing yemen was a success story in the fight against terrorism. what happened? >> oh my gosh. if our viewers understood how terrible the situation is. let me just lay it out. you have two over lays here in yemen right now, jose. you have another sunni/shia fight. tomorrow a terrorist indicted
6:33 am
why the 90sby the security council. ap country in al qaeda on the one hand fighting the hootie shia rebels overlaid with a government collapsing because the entire capital's is now overrun by al qaeda and the army itself is collapsing. the only success story for the united states has been the collaboration with yemeni security forces where we've been able to tick take out pinprick attacks against al qaeda. mark my words. what we don't understand is happening in yemen now is going to come back and haunt us. >> and, mark quickly. is there a message or lesson from morocco and how they dealt with the situation that we could all learn? >> indeed. morocco has done a terrific jaw because job. a strong population largely moderate and more or less secularly sunni. you don't have shiite presence there. done great job cooperating
6:34 am
across the maghreb and morocco is probably the poster child for doing the right thing against al qaeda in the maghreb. >> always a pleasure to see you, ambassador. now to that big shake-up at the secret service. four high-ranking officials tosses out of their current jobs and reassigned in the wake of stunning security lapses including this one where a knife-wielding man jumped the fence and made it deep into the white house. kristen welker joins us from outside the white house. >> reporter: good morning. sources indicate this is not going to be the end. that there will be more changes at the top coming. but what was announced yesterday was a major shake-up. as you indicated, four april sifblt assistant directors reassigned to new positions either within the secret service or within the department of homeland security and they come from every corner of the department. detail pop alow jane murphy governmental and public affairs
6:35 am
and mark kapansy a pop official with technology. the acting director joseph clancy said in a statement released yesterday, "change is necessary," to gain a fresh perspective how we conduct business. bipartisan support for this move, jose. talking to folks on capitol hill. representative jason chaffetz releasing a statement saying the depap chers are a step in the right direct. needs to work like the elite protection of our president that americans expect. this move comes after a scathing report by an independent panel appointed by the department of homeland security which found there was low morale and poor leadership at the top and that the culture of the secret service really needs to be overhauled, and, of course jose the backdrop to all of this is a series of security lapses like the one that you mentioned, that fence jumper who jumped over the fence and made it deep inside the white house. and then there were others. like that 2012 incident in which
6:36 am
a number of agents were fired after they were caught with prostitutes on an official trip to cartagena colombia back in 2012. now, as for these reassignments, no indication of when specifically they will be reassigned or what their new positions will be but, again, jose, this is likely just the beginning. jose? >> nbc's kristen welker at the white house. good to see you. thanks for being with me. >> reporter: thanks, jose. the emotional finish of an incredible climb. two hikers made it to the mountaintop known of a el capitan finishing the hardest free climb in the world. this morning on "today," they talked about the feeling of making it to the top. >> i'd been pictures what it was going to be like to climb that last ten feet to the summit. for a very long time. and i remember grabbing the very top and just pausing for a minute making sure it was real. and then the cheers erupted and it was. >> nbc's ali jackson has more on this historic climb from
6:37 am
yosemite national park. good morning. >> reporter: jose, the two climbers woke up today after a night's sleep in a real bed and a chance for a real shower for the first time in 19 days as they rejoin families back on solid ground hours after making history. [ cheers ] >> reporter: at the summit a celebration like never before. because this hasn't happened before. tony caldwell pulls himself over the edge of the don wall followed minutes later by climbing partner kevin jorgeson. tears and hugs with their feet finally planted on top of el capitan. cameras rolling on history. >> this is the moment that has been so many years in the making. we were here live. >> reporter: our nbc team's eight-mile hike to the top, a cakewalk compared to the grueling 2.5 weeks the climbers spent suspended on the side of this cliff. >> some of the most precarious climbing i've ever done. >> reporter: inching up 3,000 feet of smooth granite. sometimes falling down. never giving up on a climb once
6:38 am
thought impossible -- until now. from the meadow below, family members watching the final few seconds of the climb. [ cheers ] >> it's done! it's done. >> boy, shaking like a leaf. >> are you cold or emotional? >> i'm emotional. >> okay. >> he's worked so hard for this. >> reporter: after years of planning high-profile stumbles and 19 days of pushing themselves to their limits -- >> ah! >> reporter: the finish happened fast. >> they both stayed totally positive. totally committed. >> oh my god. >> i'm standing on top right now. >> reporter: a climb watched by the world. even the white house, which posted on instagram, you remind us that anything is possible. for millions inspiration from two friends who earned every inch of this incredible view. >> yeah dude. >> reporter: a moment they're remember forever. >> yeah. >> a feeling they'll never forget. >> oh, man. [ applause ] >> reporter: both men are already thinking about their next adventure.
6:39 am
jorgeson hopes to continue to expose people to the sport of climbing and caldwell is planning a trip top patagonia for another ascent. jose? >> nbc's ali jackson, thank you so much for being with me. developing now pictures out of boston. a highway blocked by protesters during the morning commute shutting down parts of the highway. protesting police and state violence against black people. according to police some protesters were chained to 1,200 bound barrels. up next on the heels of the new cuba regulations, just announced this hour we'll talk about the little known cuba crime pipeline. a new investigation finds some cuban citizens coming to the united states stealing millions and then bringing it back to the island. one of the journalists behind this year-long investigation explains how it's all happening. later on "the rundown," the case of the 43 missing mexican college students isn't the only incident allegedly ordered by a politician. the government says at least 20 state officials are now being
6:40 am
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can get the real answers you need. start building your confident retirement today. we've heard a lot about the president, the state department the treasuries new policies and announced this morning with cuba but what we have not heard a lot about is this -- more than $2 billion robbed from american businesses and taxpayers over the last two decades and there is not a lot being done about it. it's a result of a shocking new investigation by the "sun-sentinel" here in south florida because of a small group of people born in cuba taking advantage of a law aimed at helping those fleeing dictatorship when passed 50 years ago. it has led to what the "sun-sentinel" calls a revolving door that allows thieves to come here, make a quick buck and return. an attorney who represents a lot of these cubans describes it
6:44 am
this way. >> they tell me stories and live very comfortably in cuba with the illegitimate money that they're able to obtain here in the united states. yes. they own their own homes. they have more than one car and just to own a car in cuba is -- the equivalent of being a millionaire here in the united states. >> one of the reporters who investigated all of this "sun-sentinel's" megan o'mef. a pleasure to see you. >> thank very much. >> i think a lot of people may be wondering, how did this happen? >> well the cuban adjustment act is very unique. it's the -- the cubans are the only immigrant group that have this special privilege where in they can come here they can stay enabling some criminal whose want to take advantage of that to come without permission and get involved in medicare fraud, cargo theft, auto insurance
6:45 am
scams, setting up marijuana grow houses and then taking some of the proceeds from that back to cuba. helping their families building house there's in cuba refurbishing houses going back and forth from the united states. >> and then also avoiding the arms of the laws here in the united states? >> in many cases what happens is is if they feel that the law is on to them or that they are arrested and make bail they can just flee back to cuba and because of our -- our strained relations with cuba we don't have an extradition policy in effect anymore. so they there are fugitives in cuba who have taken millions of dollars and are free there in cuba and we're unable to get them back. >> let's see what happens now with these changes in relations, but one of the many shocking statistics you found, cuban natives account for less than 1% of the population but 41% of arrests for health care fraud
6:46 am
across the country? 41%. how bad has this gotten? >> yes. it's very bad, and often when we hear congress talking about medicare fraud, we don't hear them addressing this issue of these cuban crime rings, and i think if they would talk about this, if we had more a look at how this is happening and where then in is going and who is doing this that we could help stem a lot of this medicare fraud. we counted just -- the courts have ordered restitution of more than $2 billion. a lot of that is medicare money stolen from needy people here in the united states. >> megan, you said $2 billion with a b? >> with a b. yes. and prosecutors we talked to have said that that is grossly underestimated. they think it's many many more billions that have been stolen over the past couple decades, and these cuban crime rings are very responsible for a lot of that. and we believe that some of that money makes it back to cuba.
6:47 am
>> i mean, all of that money, or much of it, is gone? >> it's gone. in fact, prosecutors will often tell us, and tell the courts that they don't know where many millions of dollars are. that it's moved offshore and unrecoverable. so time and time again we saw court records where the authorities were saying, you know, judge, we just don't know where the money is. we can't track it. it's been converted into cash. it's been moved offshore. we can't find it. millions and millions of dollars. are missing from medicare fraud. >> megan, an important investigation. thank you very much for being with me this morning. >> thank you. i want to take you back now to boston where police are now arresting some of the protesters that blocked interstate 93 during the busy morning commute. there you see these images. in fact, we've learned at least 17 people are under arrest. the activists protesting police and state violence against black people. we'll, of course keep you posted on these developments. coming up the awards season
6:48 am
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the wait is over and the oscar nominees are in and there are two front-runners this year "birdman" and "the grand budapest hotel" with nine nominations in. let's bring in kim serafin. >> thanks for having me. >> why do these two films lead the pack? >> it's not a big shock to see "birdman" up there, real dominating all throughout awards season but it's begun, guild nom nailses, critics choice and golden globes and not surprised to see that and "grand budapest hotel" gaining momentum did just win the golden globe and people are looking for this. not a surprise to see this in the lead. >> what an amazing cast and michael keaton just his year so
6:51 am
it's such a great film. again, people have been talking about this for a long time. >> let's talk about the lead actor who has the edge. is it michael? >> you know i would say this is michael keaton versus eddie redmayne, the two front-runners for sure and both won golden globes on sunday. look for these two to kind of battle it out. although, you never know with oscars. people like to see actors kind of change their looks. >> cooper. >> look at someone like steve carell who looks different in "foxcatcher" or bradley cooper who gained 40 pounds of muscle for "american sniper." >> i gained 40 pounds of muscle for this show and nobody gives me an award. >> for lead actress, who do you think? >> julianne moore, plays a woman with early onset alzheimer's. so many feel she is so overdue for an oscar and reese witherspoon, someone also again completely changing who we think we know reese witherspoon is
6:52 am
the girl next door. she is not this at all in this movie "wild" so she could be good competition for julianne moore. >> so eight films nominated for best picture. where are you placing your bets? >> i still think it's "boyhood," even though it didn't get the most nominations. this is such ground breaking filmmaking because they filmed it over the course of 12 years. richard linkleder so brilliant, changed the narrative of film make when he made this film. eight nominations, eight nominees missing "gone girl." >> "selma." >> "unbroken," would like to see a few others. "selma" great that that got nominated and "birdman," and i still think this is "boyhood," really changed film making. >> any surprises or snubs that you saw? >> yeah you know again, "unbroken" might have been in that best film category. would have been nice to see ava duvernay be nominated as
6:53 am
director, a little bit of momentum against her because she hadn't gotten guild nominations, nice to see a woman. there was a time maybe a month ago we might have seen two women in there with angelina jolie and ava difn yeah which would have been amazing because you don't usually see women nominated in the director category and david oyelowo for her portrayal of martin luther king from "selma," i think that was a snub. >> thanks so much. as we take a look at rundown, back to paris and live to the phillipines where pope francis has just arrived and i'll speak with republican congressman jeff denim about the house vote to de-fund the department of homeland security and overturn the president's immigration action. a handful of republicans that voted against this bill.
6:54 am
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u.s. secretary of state john kerry will be arriving in france shortly, the highest u.s. ranking official to arrive in paris since last week's attack and inside france the focus isn't on kerry but on funerals and investigation. new surveillance of amedy coulibaly shows him inside the grocery store where he killed four hostages and terrorists are weighing in as well while world leaders are calling for unity. both isis and boko haram have each released videos praising the attackers. joining me the foreign editor for "the daily beast" and with us this morning from paris. christopher, good morning. i want to ask you about the fallout inside france. bill neely spoke to a number of muslims. here's what they had to say. >> it's provocation. more and more provocation. >> why are you talking about my prophet? he's not your religion. why are you talking about this guy? >> i think they will spring a civil war. >> you think a civil war is coming? >> coming, yes. >> is there a concern about a
6:58 am
backlash among muslims to this new edition of "hedbo?" >> well i mean there certainly is a lot of resentment. you have to remember that the muslim population here feels alienated to begin with and when you all have a sudden have a massive presence on the street of pair tis of the prophet muhammad they feel particularly offended. is that going to lead to civil war or something terribly dramatic? i'm not sure it is because i think there's an awful lot of muslims who want to assimilate and be part of french society who see themselves as french citizens, and they don't really feel the same kind of resentment against those people who are posting pictures of the prophet muhammad or more to the point covers of "charlie hebdo" today. >> christopher, we were just talking at the beginning of the hour how different terrorist groups are actually praising what happened in paris. how tough is it to split these
6:59 am
terrorist groups into clear groups? is that too difficult? >> well you know at the top of the -- at the top level of these groups you can find all different kind of ideological differences, differences between al qaeda and al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and boko haram and al qaeda and the islamic maghreb, all have different lines that they follow and they are sometimes affiliated and sometimes at odds. the nusra front in al qaeda has been fighting against isis on many fronts in syria so all of that is true but when it comes right down to it there is sympathy among jihadists. let's not say muslims, but among jihadists there's definitely sympathy with the people who carried out the attacks against "charlie hebdo" and against the jewish kosher grocery here in
7:00 am
paris because it's right in line with the simplest kind of jihadist ideology which is somebody offends the prophet and you kill them. if you are jewish and identify with israel and the occupation of muslim palestine then you kill those people too. it's very simple. it's very brutal. there's really no reasoning with it, and that is exactly the line at the bottom level that boko haram and all these other groups take. >> christopher, you know we've been talking about this for some time the girlfriend of coulibaly left for madrid into -- into turkey. now there are reports, one out of madrid one out of france that coulibaly may have spent some time in spain. do you think that this is part of the investigation that may be growing? >> well it will certainly be part of the investigation. really just like the 9/11 investigation or any of the others.
7:01 am
they want to track down every path that these guys went down every thread that they can possibly follow and spin out they want to pursue because among other things they hope by doing that it will lead them to the identification of other cells or potential cells, individuals or groups who might try and carry out some sort of terrorist act in the future. remember, these are not known mouse guys. these were not lone wolves. these were people that should have been on radar looming very large for french security and, indeed for international security and somehow people dropped the ball. they don't want to do that again. >> christopher dickie in paris, thank you. pleasure to see you. joining me now former state department official p.j. crowley. good to see you. >> hello, jose. >> secretary kerry will be in france shortly. says he wants to bring a big hug. how important is this visit, too little too late? >> i don't think it's too little too late. obviously the white house admitted earlier in the week they should have sent a
7:02 am
high-level official to the march. that didn't necessarily ruffle french feathers to a significant degree. you know president hollande was very appreciative of the gestures that the president made here at the french embassy and others, so i think it will be welcome, but i think this is more a debate in the united states than it is in france. >> and i want to ask you about the free speech debate inside france right now. now authorities are rounding up suspects for allegedly supporting terrorism. does that violate free speech rights? >> well, i mean we -- there's this balance -- delicate balance, you know, between having the right to free speech and the responsibility you know that goes with that and obviously a variety of journalistic outlets, both in europe and here in the united states are walking a careful path in terms of to what degree do they either, you know, depict, you know the "charlie hebdo," you know cover. some have chosen to reprint it
7:03 am
and others have chosen not to. >> p.j. crowley, thanks so much for being with us from d.c. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> the paris terror attacks were on the mind of pope francis this morning on his way to the philippines earlier. before arriving in asia's largest catholic nation the pope called free speech a fundamental human right but that there were limits to freedom of expression saying quote, if a great friends says one swear word against my mother then a punch awaits him. one cannot provoke, one cannot insult other people's faith. one cannot make fun of faith. nbc's anne thompson is in manila where the pope arrived earlier today and what else did the pope have to say about these paris attacks? >> reporter: good morning, jose. the pope was very emphatic. not only did he say that there were limits on expression when it comes to religion but he also made it very clear that to kill in the name of god, to kill in the name of one's faith is
7:04 am
what he called an aberration. he said it just wasn't done. now, also on the plane he announced that he is going to make an american saint when he comes to the u.s. in september. franciscan father unopero pacera who evangelized much of the united states will be canonized on that trip. the spoke also spoke about the personal concerns of his safety. as you know in rio and korea, this is a pope who likes to go into the crowds and it is a big concern hear in the philippines because this is a nation that is 80% catholic and the pope said he understood that people were concerned about his safety. he said he admitted that he was concerned about his safety but he said he has a defect a quirk, if you will you know of recklessness and he doesn't worry about it. he's prayed to god about safety.
7:05 am
if something happens i ask him that there is no pain because he says he's not very courageous in the face of pain. jose? >> and let's talk about what else is on agenda during the pope's visit to the philippines. >> reporter: this is a four-day visit from now on and he had some very big events. tomorrow he is going to have a meeting with families at the mall of asia and some 15,000 people are expected to attend. the focus of this trip is mercy and compassion and on saturday he will go to taclaban and paolo, two areas hit by tie fine heian last year and that's an all-day event and then when he celebrates mass here sunday afternoon, they are expecting 5 million people to crowd the park that i am standing in front of to hear the pope say mass and that would break the record that
7:06 am
was set by john paul ii. >> we're also learning more about the breaking news we told you about last hour significant changes to the u.s. trade and travel rules with cuba that go into effect tomorrow. what we know is that travel for americans to the island nation will now be slightly easier. travel to cuba will still have to fall into one of 12 categories approved by the u.s. government. there you see them. but you'll no longer need a specific license. also airlines and travel agents will be able to begin booking flights into and out of the island. the rules put into motion the use of credit cards and travelers will be allowed to bring back up to $400 worth of goods back to the u.s. that includes $100 of tobacco or alcohol products. cuban-men will be allowed to send up to $2,000 every three months to cubans in the island instead of $500 now.
7:07 am
all these regulations are part of the new deal announced last month between the u.s. and cuba. today the white house says these moves will empower the cuban people and promote positive change for the country. these new regulations go into effect tomorrow. we're just getting started on the second hour of "the rundown. "new details on charges filed against a 20-year-old ohio man who authorities say wanted to attack the u.s. capitol. and it's an even more contentious battle over immigration after the house votes to block president obama's executive action. those details plus one of the few republicans who broke party lines, representative jeff denim will be here live from the republican retreat in pennsylvania. ♪ ♪ ♪
7:08 am
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by their votes last november the people made clear that they wanted more accountability from this president, and by our votes here today we will heed their will and we will keep our oath to protect and defend the constitution of the united states of america. >> republican speaker john baron on the house floor just before his party voted to pass a homeland security funding bill by a vote of 236-191. though not every republican voted for the bill. ten republicans voted against the bill that funds homeland security for the year, but as this headline puts it guts the president's immigration action. the question is now where does the bill go from here? amanda, good morning. >> good morning, jose. >> talk to me about this bill. how far does it go in terms of the president's immigration actions? >> this is a deeply significant vote in that the department of homeland security will effectively shut down without funding if lawmakers do not come up with a plan by the end of
7:11 am
february, and this affects more than just immigration action but everything from border enforcement, to the coast guard, to the tsa, and so while passing a measure that did keep the lights on at the department the far right members of the republican party did put some poison pill amendments tacked on to the bill. now, several of these are aimed at bringing down president obama's executive action. the strategy behind it is to pull out the purse strings and let the measures fall down but this could have some backlash. though it did pass the house it has an uphill climb in the senate. not likely many democrats will be going along with these measures and president obama has made it clear that he's not going to do anything to bring down his own executive actions that he just announces. >> right. >> so let's talk about that when it goes to the senate. what's the process there? >> the process is that republicans will need to get 60 votes in order for it to pass which is really not likely though they do have control of the chamber.
7:12 am
it's not likely that they will get democrats who will side with them. yesterday's vote was largely significant or i'm sorry it was largely symbolic but significant in that many republicans did break from their party's ranks. we saw that with a particular amendment that would bring down deferred action for young d.r.e.a.m. d.r.e.a.m.ers seeing many moderate republicans with heavily hispanic districts back home who are thinking about many of the d.r.e.a.m.ers there and not wanting to come back to their constituents saying they voted against the young people and open them up to deportation threats. >> thank you very much. we'll speak with one of those representatives. let's go to the republican retreat near her think, pennsylvania, congressman jeff denham from california one of a handful of republicans that voted against all of these bills that would de-fund. why did you not go along with the large majority of your party
7:13 am
yesterday? >> well, first of all, let me say i think that what the president is done is unlawful and goes well beyond his authority as president. he said that many many times so i absolutely oppose the president going at this alone. but what we did yesterday i think took us backwards t.dealt with the children that have come forward, that have actually passed background checks that are now on a list that the federal government has that ultimately if that were to become law, they now become the top of the list for deportation. it's time for us to stop playing games with this immigration reform and actually have some substantive discussions with the american public and ultimately pass reform that we can actually send to the president >> you know we've got a lot of reaction, congressman, to this vote yesterday on our facebook page. jack ackerman wrote about the vote. just demonstrates the party of no. they have no plan for immigration, just like they have no plan for health care. health care aside, you're at a retreat at your party looking a
7:14 am
lot to 2016. how does your party deal with this issue? inside stead of voting no to maybe focus on something that is to expand the discussion? >> you know i think that we've got a finite window over the next several months to either take up immigration reform as we've said we were going to do, and we've got now both houses the american public has elected us to lead. it's time for us to lead on this issue. if we don't, i think will have dramatic repercussions in the 2016 election. >> why do you think, congressman, it is important for republican party to deal with immigration reform, as you said, with a broad stroke including the issue of the undocumented? why is that important when many people in your party say that that's not the priority? >> you can't just deal with one aspect of immigration. obviously securing our border is our biggest priority. it's what has to happen first, but we have to deal with all
7:15 am
other aspects of immigration in the process. we have to deal with this issue with d.r.e.a.m.ers and actually making it a long-term law with a pathway, have a guest worker program so we can continue to provide the abundance of agriculture not only to our nation and the rest of the world but until we're willing to sit down and have an entire debate over every other issue we have the possibility of shutting down our government or creating an issue with the american people where it's actually affecting our economy in an adverse way. >> do you think something can be agreed to where you are now? >> i do. i'm looking forward to a discussion and a debate today on immigration. the 26 of us that voted no on the amendments are going to be very forceful in this discussion as well. i think an important part of this actually having this discussion with our counterparts in the senate, to have the house and the senate together for the first time i think will allow us to have a full discussion of
7:16 am
what not only we want to see as a republican party but what we can actually have pass and have real meaningful reform we can give to the president. >> so far what you've been able to pass is yesterday's vote to de-fend doca. thanks for being with me. >> you're welcome, u.s. >> more on this man who wanted to attack the u.s. capitol and take a look at the time lapse video, cliffhanger people have been watching for the last three weeks. two americans reach the top of el capitan, the most difficult free climb in the world. the nissan rogue, with safety shield technologies.
7:17 am
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7:20 am
prisoners captured in pakistan more than a dozen years ago, detained as suspected al qaeda fighters. the pentagon says one man has been sent to estonia, four other to oman. a major shake-up at the secret service. four high-ranking officials have been reassigned in the wake of numerous stunning security lapses, including this one from last october, when a knife-wielding man jumped a fence and made it deep into the white house. at 2012 agents were caught with prostitutes during an official presidential trip to colombia. acting secret service director joe clancy said change is necessary to gain a fresh perspective on how we conduct business. each of the reassigned employees has 30 years of service. to word on their new assignments. ntsb investigators are expected at scene today of a bus crash in texas that killed two corrections officers and eight prisoners. official say the bus transporting prisoners skidded off an icy highway overpass and crashed on to a moving train
7:21 am
below. another officer and four other inmates are still in the hospital this morning. but up next we turn our attention back to paris where the investigation for suspects linked to last week's terror attacks has taken some new turns this morning. and the biggest break yet in the search for 43 missing students in mexico. a former public official now charged in the case. plus, l.a. police investigating a young woman's claims that she was drugged and sexually abused by bill cosby. those details and much more ahead on the rundown. [ kevin ] this is connolly cameron, zach, and clementine. we have a serious hairball issue. we clean it up, turn around and there it is again. it's scary. little bit in my eye. [ michelle ] underneath the kitchen table underneath my work desk we've got enough to knit a sweater. [ doorbell rings ] zach, what is that? the swiffer sweeper. the swiffer dusters. it's some sort of magic cloth that sucks in all the dog hair. it's quick and easy. pretty amazing that it picked it all up. i would totally take on
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